This is our second article our serious of discussing paying attention to the details on roofing project. For this article, we will highlight the some of the details and questions to ask with regards to roofing estimates.

Focus on the Details of an Estimate to Help Identify What Must Happen During Your Roof Replacement

You don't want to face large change orders, potential future leaks, or things that must be performed for compliance with local building ordinance. With many roofing products projected to last 30 years or more, some aspects of the roof should be replaced at the same time to prevent future repairs or damages.

Many Companies Intentionally Use Average Products & Disregard Important Details to be More Competitive

Here are a few examples of things to look for and ask questions about when getting a roofing estimate:

  • Does your home have a meter riser that penetrates through the roof?
  • Is this flashing scheduled to be replaced?
    The split flashing for this application alone is $35.00 and may cause a future roof leak if not replaced at the time the roof is replaced.
  • Does your home have metal flue pipes that penetrate through the roof?
  • Is the metal pipe flashing and collar in acceptable condition or do they require replacement?
  • Does estimate include “A”, “D”, or other drip edge metals?
    The cost difference between “A” drip and “D” style drip edge is literally twice as much to purchase a “D” style vs. “A” style. Of course, “D” is better with a larger profile then “A” drip edge with a built in ½” overhang.
  • Does your estimate include complementary metal colors on the vents, pipe flashing, valleys, drip edge, and etc.?
    These add a cosmetic benefit and are more expensive for the roofing Contractor to purchase.
  • Has the contractor inspected the attic to determine is 7/16” OSB decking may be required?
    This could be a substantial cost that must be considered in the beginning vs. once the roof is torn off.
  • Has the contractor included all the layers that may be present on the roof?
  • Do you have a fixed change order cost if more layers are discovered?
  • What underlayments are being proposed?
    There is a substantial performance benefit and cost increase depending on the type of underlayment if it is 15lb, 30lb, synthetic or etc.
  • Does you estimate include ice and water shield under the valley areas?
    This is a code requirement if you have a closed valley and does add cost to project.
  • How much roof ventilation is being proposed?
    With more roofs then not, we are adding a large amount of ventilation to all roofs we replace. Have other Contractor’s proposed to add the correct amount of ventilation?
  • Does the flashing on your chimney or any other area require replacement?

We will be expanding all of these topics in more detail in future articles.

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