Common Wichita, KS Metro Area Roofing Accessories

roof flashing accessories

pipe jack flashingRoof accessories are vital components which prevent water intrusion, ensure proper ventilation and a roof’s durability. With S&A, homeowner’s have the ability to accessorize their home’s roof with coordinating colored flashings. Roof flashing include drip edges, vents, pipe jack flashings, chimney flashings and valleys. These complimentary colors provide for a more natural look to your home’s roof, with only a small additional investment.

Drip Edge Flashings

S&A strongly recommends homeowners invest in drip edge flashings to their home’s roof line to prevent water damage. The drip edge flashing pushes the water into the gutters, instead of the fascia and soffits. S&A recommends the use of a Style D drip edge flashing which has an additional ½ inch overhang built into the flashing. This additional flashing profile helps prevent shingle, roof and water damage that may occur with other drip edge styles.

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