Picking the Right Roofing Company

In our first series, we will be discussing what it means to pay attention to the details on roofing projects. Since your roof protects everything below it (in the home), that makes a good, well researched decision on a new roof vital to its performance and ultimately how it is installed on the home. In this first article, we'll focus on picking a roofing company.

If Cost is the Biggest Factor, You Will Get What You Pay For

Did you know, that 2 out of 3 times when a roof leak occurs it is the fault of the installer? Or that the average roofing company in this country goes out of business within 5 years? How about that the roofing industry is the most inquired and complained about business category in Better Business Bureau's 3,000+ listings?

Considerations for Picking the Right Roofing Company to Work With

When researching a roofing company, it is critical to determine their credentials, time in the business, if properly licensed, bond capability (insurance), reviews, BBB rating, and compliance with the State of Kansas Attorney General’s office.

Use a High Standard for Roofing Companies

At S&A Roofing, we take all of the above seriously. We don’t just do the minimum but set the bar high with such offerings as:

If your roofing company doesn't meet or exceed those offerings, then we'd recommend keep looking until you find one.

Whether it is an insurance claim or you’re simply needing a new roof, if you are in the Wichita, KS area then please consider S&A Roofing. We have you covered from our licensing, insurance, relationships with a manufacturer, and multiple insurance carriers. Contact us any time at (316) 665-8482 or request a quote online.