Continuing our roofing series on paying attention to the details for homes in the Wichita, KS area, we want to discuss options for the roofing system’s ridge cap, also known as hip and ridge.

What is ridge cap?

Almost every sloped roof has a ridge at the top where two adjoining slopes meet and many roof designs include sloped ridges (known as hips) where the roof planes meet at an angle. Ridge cap is simply defined as a cover over the hip and ridge of the roof, where two adjoining slopes come together. This cover can be made of metal, tile, shake, composition shingles, etc. Ridge cap shingles play a critical role in keeping rain and melting snow from leaking into your home, and due to the nature of installation (shingles bent to cover the peak), ridge cap shingles can deteriorate quicker than the rest of the roof surface.

Pay attention to hip and ridge in roofing estimates

The most cost effective option is for the installer to cut and manipulate 3-tab shingles for the hip and ridge cap application. Bundles of 3-tab shingles are purchased and then cut into three separate pieces for installation. If you are installing a 25-year 3-tab roof system, the same shingle is manipulated for the hip and ridge cap application. If you are installing a 30-year lifetime composition shingle, most color options have a companion or complimentary 3-tab shingle to install, but some color offerings require a specific colored hip and ridge cap shingle to be installed.

Upgraded hip and ridge cap options

Manufacturer-offered hip and ridge cap shingles that are already shaped and cut to size are an upgrade option. As mentioned above, some color offerings are only available with a specific hip and ridge cap shingle for composition shingles.

The premium option is a specifically constructed high-profile hip and ridge cap shingle. These shingles add depth and provide a high quality alternative to the options listed above. The high profile design is created using a thicker or multi-layered hip and ridge which creates a more dominant product. This, in turn, creates a visual focus to the area of the roof by adding depth and texture.

When installing a Class IV roof system, type-specific Class IV hip and ridge are required. These are rigorously tested to meet UL laboratories Class IV specifications, the same specs required for the roof shingles used for these applications.

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