As part of our ongoing Attention to Details in Roofing blog series, we will be discussing protection and clean up as part of a typical S&A Roofing roof replacement in the Wichita, KS area. Since many home owners do not have their roofs replaced frequently, what does this mean?

Getting Rid of Waste Roofing Materials

At S&A Roofing, we generally use dump trailers to discharge waste roofing. This trailer is backed as close to the home and waste is discharged directly into the trailer. Our roofing crews will tear off shingles from the roof, walk them across the roof, and place the waste into the trailer. This allows for the least amount of debris discharged onto the ground.

Protecting the Exterior of the Home during a Roof Replacement

Our crews will take the time protect the exterior of the home as allowable when replacing a roof including:

  • Covering exterior items or relocating thing such as patio furniture, planters, grills, etc. This will lessen the possibility of an accident.
  • Any small items that have collected on the ground during the roof replacement are picked up by hand and removed.
  • Our crews will use OSB (Oriented Strand Board) to protect various items around the home. This may include plants and other various items.
  • We tarp the grounds to catch any falling debris. These debris are then carried in the tarps to the dump trailer.
  • Rain gutters are cleaned of all debris.
  • A strong magnet is used to sweep the grounds and yard below the roof to collect any loose nails. This limits the risk of accident after the roofing.
  • The roof, driveways, and sidewalks are blown off after the roof replacement to remove any granules.

At the end of the roof replacement, our customers are asked to walk around the home to verify that satisfaction has been achieved and to ensure all debris have been removed.

Questions about Roofing Replacement?

S&A Roofing of Wichita, KS is more than happy to answer any questions regarding the entire process of a roof replacement or to schedule an inspection of your existing roof. Just give us a call at (316) 665-8482, request a free estimate, or drop us an email.