Attention to Detail: Roof Starter Shingles

Continuing our series in paying attention to roofing project details for those in the Wichita, KS metro area, we will be discussing the need for starter shingles as part of a quality roofing system.

What is a starter shingle?

A starter shingle is a specific asphalt shingle product designed to water proof the eave and rake edges of the home. Starter strip shingles also help prevent shingles being blow off in these areas by adhering to the shingle and starter course (row) with a strong adhesive.

Why are starter shingles important?

Besides adding strong wind resistance, starter shingles prevent leaks where it is installed. If a starter was not installed on the eaves of the home, the first course (row) of shingles would have no way to bond to the framing of the roof correctly. This means the roof would incur wind damage with wind gusts at much lower speeds than expected. In some cases, the start strip will help provide a wind resistance between 110 mph – 130 mph depending on how the roof system is installed. We recommend you review each manufacturers’ warranty details for further details and specifications.

What should you be asking your roof contractor about starter shingles?

First off, check to see if they are included in the estimate. If they are, then are these included for the eaves and the rake edges of the roof? Many manufactures will allow starter shingles to be omitted on the rake edges even though there is a greater potential for leaking and wind damage. What starter shingles ultimately provide is a better overall roof system. But in order to reduce cost, many contractors will omit the use of the starter strip on the rakes of the roof in order to save money. This may save on upfront costs and/or make the replacement/installation price more appealing, but it may cost hundreds, if not thousands, more in future repairs.

What is the best option for my roof?

First, ensure that the contractor is installing starter shingles on the eaves and the rakes of the home for the best installation method possible in order to reduce the possibility of leaking and wind failure during the lifetime of the roof.

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