In this Attention to Details in Roofing article, we discuss roofing permits for homes in the Wichita, KS area including McPherson, Hutchinson, and Newton. Is a roofing permit required? Is the cost of the permit included in my project estimate?

Do I need a roofing permit?

Pulling a roofing permit for roof replacement (and large repairs) protects the homeowner. It ensures the roof replacement will be completed according to city building codes and by a licensed and insured contractor. A permit makes sure you have met all the necessary steps to ensure your roof replacement is safe and legal.

The location of your home, whether city or rural, can be a determining factor in whether or not you need a permit. Many county and city building departments require a permit be obtained prior to replacing a home’s roof or installing a new roof. In addition, if a roof repair is large enough in scope, it may also require a permit.

Who pulls the roofing permit and is the cost included in my estimate?

Typically, a roofing contractor, such as S&A Roofing, will pull the permit on your behalf, and the cost is included in the estimate as it is an expected cost of business. In the event of an insurance claim, the permit may or may not be included in the estimate. Some building departments do allow homeowners to obtain their own permits for personal residences, but you’ll need to verify this is allowable per your local building official.

Is an inspection required with the permit?

Part of obtaining a roofing permit is the inspection process to ensure the roof has been installed in accordance with all local building codes. Most roof replacement inspections occur once the project is complete, however, some building inspectors also require a decking inspection after an old roof has been torn off, making it a two-step inspection requirement. This is to inspect for any deficiencies in the decking or even possibly to discover a lack of decking. For a more in-depth look at roofing layers, see our post about the importance of solidly sheathed decking.

Looking for a new roof or need a roof inspection in the Wichita, KS Area?

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