In this Attention to Details in Roofing article, we will focus on choosing the proper nail size for roof installation for homes in the Wichita, KS area including McPherson, Hutchinson, and Newton.

Standard manufacturer guidelines for roof nails

For 3-tab and composition shingle installation, a 1 ¼” nail is standard. Most manufacturers require a minimum of four nails per shingle, in specific locations. This area, commonly referred to as a nail strip, will sometimes have a reinforced area, such as Owens Corning’s SureNail, or the shingle may be specifically marked to assist the installer in correct nail placement. Correct nail size and positioning is an important factor in roof installation. An overdriven nail will damage the shingle, resulting in subpar performance.

According to most manufacturers, the wind rating for shingles can increase as much as an additional 30mph coverage if six nails are installed per shingle combined with starter strip on the gable ends. While not universally accepted, this applies for Owens Corning’s Oakridge shingles.

Architectural shingle nails and other special circumstances

Architectural shingles, such as the CertainTeed Presidential Shake Series, are thicker than 3-tab or composition shingles and require the longer 1 ½” nails. The same concept applies regarding the four nails versus a potential wind rating boost for six nail patters with additional stipulations.

In some circumstances, a shorter nail may be used. For example, bungalow style homes often have open soffits which require a slightly shorter nail so they will not penetrate the wood on the bottom side of the soffit. Generally, the shorter 1” nails are used only in these areas.

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