Attention to Detail: Kansas Roofing Registration Act Part II

In our series about roofing & paying attention to details, we are following up with the second segment on the Kansas Roofing Registration Act (KRRA). We first covered the key most commonly asked questions regarding the KRRA and will now discuss why it is important and what the Kansas Attorney General’s office is screening roofing contractors for.

Kansas Roofing Registration Act – It’s the Law

Plain and simple. If you are seeking to have your roof replaced and/or installed, the contractor must maintain compliance with the KRRA. Any home or business owner should not sign any paperwork until the roofing contractor’s registration certificate has been verified they are compliant.

KRRA Roofing Contractor Certification provides Piece of Mind

Kansas Roofing Registration Act certification is a rigorous credentialing process administered by the Kansas Attorney General’s office. All roofing contractors doing business in the state of Kansas must submit for a back-ground check, whether originally from this state or not, and be approved by the Attorney General’s office. Below is a brief list of what the Attorney General’s screens during the application or renewal process:

Roofing Contractor’s must submit the following to the Attorney General:

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance, which shall be not less than $500,000, and which shall list “Office of the Kansas Attorney General, 120 SW 10th Ave., Topeka, Kansas 66612” as the certificate holder;
  • Certificate of Workers’ Compensation coverage or affidavit of exemption or self-insurance; and
  • Certificate of current tax clearance or letter from the Kansas Department of Revenue.
  • The roofing contractor owner’s home information, date of birth, and driver’s license number.
  • Type of business, date of formation, and state of formation.
  • State of Kansas and Federal Identification numbers.
  • United States Department of Transportation number.
  • Information of employees or agents of the business for screening.
  • Information regarding criminal history (if applicable).

KRRA Roofing Contractor Certification MUST be maintained

Every year by June 30th, a roofing contractor must go through this same process in order to maintain their certification and remain compliant to do business in Kansas. Further, most municipalities also require this compliance to even issue roofing licenses in their local areas.

Understanding the Law Protects You

Understanding the KRRA & law is important when considering a roofing contractor. Compliance is mandatory.  If you still have further questions from our last two blogs, you can find more information available at

Looking for a KRRA Certified Roofing Contractor in the Wichita, KS area?

At S&A Roofing, we take compliance very seriously. Our KRRA number (13-118322) is listed on all marketing materials and company vehicles so you can easily verify compliance. We as a company have maintained good standing since it was enacted in 2013.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or if you are in the Wichita, KS area need a new roof, please consider S&A Roofing. Contact us any time at (316) 665-8482 or request a quote online.